Thursday, April 6, 2017

TLAM Strike in Syria

By now everyone knows we launched 50+ TLAMs at an airbase in Syria.  If you have to ask why, then you've either been boycotting the news or living under a rock.  The gas attack that Assad and his boys launched a few days ago was horrific.  It demanded an answer.  Nikki Haley's damning speech in the UN was good, but not enough.  If you'd like a good, quick, initial summary of the strike, you can read it here.

As the CDR said, it was proportional and about the right amount of response.  I know all the hand-wringers will come out and say it was an act of war that needed Congressional approval.  I guess they just ignored all the bombs we dropped from Reapers over the last 8 years.  Other's will say it's a slippery slope.  No it's not.  It's proportional and appropriate.  I trust Mattis and McMaster to know what they are doing.  Don't be surprised if there are other actions taken by allies in the region.  Don't know what...just don't be surprised.  Others will say that Trump is going back on his campaign promise of non-intervention.  Okay...fair enough.  But before you get all hot and bothered about that, take a few minutes to see the accounts of the gas attacks.  And the study a little Edmund Burke.  Then we can talk.

But here's the best thing.  Trump was in Mar-A-Lago hosting the Chines Premier.  He wasn't dithering in the Situation Room, micro-managing his Generals and troops.  He obviously has trust in Mattis and the chain of command.  If that isn't a breath of fresh air, I don't know what is!  This action also tells the world that we are willing to take action.  Was it perfect?  Time will tell.  But we are willing to take action.  We are willing to stand up for the defenseless and stand by our friends and allies.  We draw no red lines.  We take action.  Breath of fresh air!
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