Monday, October 31, 2016


Just when I thought that there was no way it could get more bizarre, more crazy, more does all those things.  Of course I'm talking about the latest revelations of reopened FBI investigation into Hillary's emails, the sordid mess with Huma and AW, the cheating by Donna Brazille, the 180 degree about face by the whole Democrat establishment regarding Director Comey, and on and on.  I feel like we're in an alternate universe.  And where we're going, no one knows.  I do think that Trump now has a glimmer of a chance.  I just got through reading an account of the Reagan/Carter contest in 1980.  This looks a lot like that, although much more slimy.  In the end, the electorate broke for Reagan because they wanted an outsider.  Who could happen again.

I've also been thinking that if she does win, there is no way I can support her.  I know, I know...big whoop.  But if a guy like me can't support her in any fashion, think of all the zealots.  They will be on her ass like white on rice for four long years.  It will never end.

I was also listening to some numb nuts talk about how this whole thing is overblown and it's only about misjudgment about some emails.  That makes my head explode.  Even if all the things everyone who is a thinking person and has any experience knows to be true can't be proven, there is no way in hell that she should continue to have a security clearance.  That is the minimum.  I would be in favor of a full blown trial and appropriate punishment.

And here's another thing.  The Clinton Foundation.  That money laundering, despicable group should be investigated six ways from Sunday and at a minimum shut down.  But it won't happen.  And that's because they are all in bed together.  It's really mind-boggling.

So what's next.  Don't know, but nothing would surprise me.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Motivation Monday

This Seems About Right!

Dogs Are Cool!


The article below is from USA Today, a reliably liberal mouthpiece.  I'm not sure what is going on but with about 10 days to go, the press in some quarters seems to be actually doing their job.  I think this guy is spot on.  She is a liar, a criminal, and arrogant beyond belief.  I've said before I don't like either of them, but she is particularly awful!!

A President Clinton would be out of control
Glenn Harlan Reynolds
He's no paragon of virtue, but it won’t be that way with a President Trump.

“Someone somewhere should have told her no.” Those are the words of a Clinton ally quoted in a roundup of Democratic reactions to Hillary Clinton’s FBI news by congressional newspaper The Hill. And, despite the fact that they come from a Clinton supporter, albeit an angry and disappointed one, they may illustrate the best reason for choosing Donald Trump instead of Clinton.

Here’s the full quote:

“I'm livid, actually. . . .This has turned into malpractice. It's an unforced error at this point. I have no idea what Comey is up to but the idea this email issue is popping back up again is outrageous. It never should have occurred in the first place. Someone somewhere should have told her no. And they didn't and now we're all paying the price.”

Someone, somewhere, should have told her no. Well, yes. But who? That was the problem with Secretary of State Clinton, and it will be a bigger problem with a President Clinton. Because, by all appearances, nobody tells Clinton no, and Clinton has no compunction about breaking the rules when it suits her purposes.

Thus the Clinton Foundation became a global money-laundering and influence-peddling organization without precedent in American history. Donors to the foundation were encouraged to steer money to what one employee called “Bill Clinton, Inc.,” and later to Clinton. State Department personnel did favors for people who donated money to the Foundation. And to make sure that nobody found out what was going on, Clinton ran her own homebrew server operation designed to ensure that Freedom of Information Act requests turned up nothing — and even President Obama, rather than saying no, went along, sending her emails at her non-government address under a fake name.

Someone somewhere should have told her no. But if the president wasn’t going to tell her no, who would? Staff at the State Department? They might have been willing to tell some other secretary of state no, but Clinton? Too risky, it seems. They certainly went along without visible objection, and without even leaks.

The press? When The New York Times reported Clinton’s secret, illegal server, Politico’s Glenn Thrush, far from condemning it, called it “badass.”

Congress? Clinton has stonewalled and run rings around numerous committees investigating her. Besides, Congress had already told her no, in the form of statutes governing the treatment of government communications and classified information. She just ignored those rules and did what she wanted. Hotel magnate Leona Helmsley famously said that “only little people pay taxes.” Clinton seems to feel the same way about obeying laws.

It won’t be that way with a President Trump. This isn’t because Trump is any less arrogant than Clinton (though it would be hard to be more arrogant). It’s because more people will be willing to tell Trump no. The civil service, which leans overwhelmingly Democratic, won’t be bending over backwards to do his will. The press can’t stand him. And the Congress, even if controlled by the GOP, won’t support him if he misbehaves because so many Republicans dislike him, too.

The truth is, neither one of our leading candidates for president is a paragon of virtue. But only one of them has already made a habit of flouting the law while in office, selling favors and escaping the consequences, and only one of them is likely to be able to pull it off from the White House.

And that’s the problem. If Secretary of State Clinton, serving under a president and with an eye on winning a second term in the White House, wasn’t constrained by the rules, who will constrain her if she’s president?

The answer, most likely, is nobody. And, once again, we’ll all be paying the price

Friday, October 28, 2016


I just can't stop posting about this idiot.  She is just so contemptable.  I'm sure you heard this morning that the FBI is reopening the investigation into her criminality.  Of course, I'm not very optimistic that they will bring charges, but you never know.

But this post is about her reaction to Trump's comment that the election is rigged, unfair and he might not accept the results.  This causes her to be horrified.  Horrified.  But what does she think he's going to do...storm the capital with a bunch of Tea Partiers?  This is classic Clinton hyperbole designed to deflect from her shenanigans and get the useful idiots in the electorate to believe her.  Here's her comments:

Man...she is just so obnoxious.  So untruthful.  So smarmy!  She wildly and ignorantly overstates her case to get the morons who believe her to fall in line.  It's difficult to think of a comparison to her tactics, but this might be close:

Cool Pic

A Camera, a Thong, and Jack Daniels

Not sure what these have in common, but it could get interesting!

It's Going to Be a Fun Night!

I'm thinking this is wedding reception.  And I'm thinking she's a bridesmaid.  And everyone knows that weddings can be places to hook up.  And so I'm's going to be a fun night for someone.

A Tempting Offer

My Kind of Place!

Cool Pic


It really matters.


Spec Ops

This is not a view that you want to have.  Being on the receiving end of these guys would not be good!


A semi-automatic weapon and a grenade cup!

Unique Photo

There's only one kind of aircraft that a photographer could be riding in when this pic was snapped.  That's right...the helicopter.  That unique, multi-purpose, multi-mission, flexible, very cool aircraft.  I'm proud to have about 4000 hours in helicopters.  I won't say every one was great, but the vast majority were!

Friday Funnies

Monday, October 24, 2016

I Voted Today

After months and months of endless campaigning, it's finally coming to a close.  I've been an absentee voter for awhile so I got my ballot a few days ago, pulled out some of the "official voting guides" that have deluged my mailbox, and worked my way through the ballot.  I honestly felt a bit like this guy...

And like him, complaining is the only thing I have left, so I've gotta vote so I can at least continue complaining.  And I suspect I'll have a lot of complaining to do as part of the loyal opposition over the next four years.

Here in So Cal the voting wasn't easy.  This was the first time I've ever seen that it took two sheets to list all the races and initiatives.  If you think about it, it is a rather patriotic thing to do.  It can be easy to see it as a tiny, microscopic drop in a vast sea, but still, it's really the excercise of the right.  The ability to declare that you are invested in the system.

As I had posted here before and like many, the most important thing to me on the ballot was the vote for the Presidency.  If you've been reading at all you know I could not, would not vote for Hillary whom I view as a congenital liar and a criminal of the first order.  And I just could not bring myself to vote for Trump.  At the end of the day, I could get past a lot of the things he has said and some of his behavior.  But when it is all tallied up, he is just too volatile, too unpredictable, and really just too ignorant.  I mean, he could have won it.  But he got immersed in petty issues and let others get to him.  That really worried me and led me to withhold my vote.  So I wrote someone in.  It doesn't matter who.  And since I live in the reliably Democratic state of California, my vote doesn't really count anyway.  So I feel like pretty true to myself for not voting for either, and I will be able to credibly criticize the criminal for the next four years.  Oh yeah, another thing.  I didn't vote for either Democratic candidate for Senate either.  I thought them both incredibly weak.  But incumbancy being what it is, one of them will probably be the Senator from California for the rest of my life.  Now that's a sad thought!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Peggy Noonan

I love her writing and thinking.  Love it!  She is just so good.  I admit that one of the things I look forward to every week is her "Declarations" column in the WSJ.  It is always thought-provoking and intelligent.  Her column this week is titled "Imagine a Sane Donald Trump".  You can read it here.  The column is good but the first couple paragraphs are great!  It sums up exactly where I am.  Here it is:
Look, he’s a nut and you know he’s a nut. I go to battleground states and talk to anyone, everyone. They all know Donald Trump’s a nut. Some will vote for him anyway. Many are in madman-versus-criminal mode, living with (or making) their final decision. They got the blues. Everyone does. They’re worried about the whole edifice: If this is where we are, where are we going?
I get the Reagan fantasy—big guy with a nonstandard résumé comes in from the outside, cleans out the stables, saves the day. But it’s a fantasy and does not apply to this moment. I get the Jacksonian fantasy—crude, rude populist comes in from the hinterlands and upends a decadent establishment to the huzzahs of normal people with mud on their boots. But it’s a fantasy, and doesn’t apply.
Because he’s not a grizzled general who bears on his face the scars of a British sword, and not a shining citizen-patriot. He’s a screwball. Do you need examples? You do not, because you’re already thinking of them. For a year you’ve been observing the TV funhouse that is his brain.

Friday, October 21, 2016

20 Great Reasons

Saw this list over at The Daily Mail Online.  Even though it's authored by the odious Piers Morgan, I think it's pretty good and sadly accurate....

Here are 20 reasons why I think Hillary Rodham Clinton would make a terrible President.

1) I don’t trust her. The email scandal just about summed up her complete inability to tell the truth. An expert lawyer who became Secretary of State with multiple BlackBerries but didn’t have a clue how emails or servers work or what constitutes classified material? Oh pur-lease, Madam Pinocchio, do you think we’re all completely stupid?
2) She’s greedy. I mean properly, outrageously, snout-in-the-trough avaricious. A woman who for decades has exploited her political status to fill her boots with tens of millions of dollars, fuelled by $200k-a-pop speeches from her Wall Street chums like Goldman Sachs.
3) Hillary’s a rank hypocrite. She bangs on ad nauseam about women’s rights but sucks up to and solicits cash for the Clinton Foundation from draconian regimes like Saudi Arabia that stone women to death and refuse to let them even drive cars.
4) She’s a dangerous war-mongerer. The Iraq War was an unmitigated fiasco that led to turmoil throughout the Middle East and spurred the rise of ISIS. It was the biggest foreign policy disaster since Vietnam and Hillary voted for it. She was also heavily responsible for the dismal Libya invasion. When people say they don’t trust Trump with his finger on the nuclear trigger, I suggest Hillary the Hawk is far more likely to press it.
5) She’s a flip-flopper extraordinaire. On endless issues from Iraq to gay marriage, Israel to TPP and the Keystone Pipeline, Hillary will say one thing but think nothing of saying the complete opposite later if it’s politically expedient.
6) She has a chronic superiority complex. Never was this more vividly exposed than with her disgraceful comment that half of Trump’s supporters were ‘a basket of deplorables’. That’s tens of millions of fellow Americans she was insulting, many of them honest, hard-working people.
7) She’s an embellisher of stories to make herself look better. We all remember her heroic tale of having to flee sniper fire in Bosnia with her daughter Chelsea in 1996. There was just one problem – she didn’t.
8) She’s held lots of jobs but performed none of them particularly well. As Secretary of State she was widely considered inefficient, ineffectual and complacent - sometimes to lethal consequence as we saw with the Benghazi fiasco that cost the lives of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. Hillary’s undeniably very experienced, but how valuable is all that experience if you’ve never excelled at anything you’ve done?
9) She’s oddly charmless. I’ve watched her speaking at the debates and various rallies, and indeed at last night’s Al Smith dinner, and she exudes the warmth and wit of a sour-faced Pit Bull terrier. As for that perpetual creepy Jack Nicholson ‘Shining’ smirk she does.. UGH.
Trump commercial questions Hillary's health and stamina
10)Her health remains a major concern. That video of her keeling over after leaving a 9/11 memorial service was deeply troubling. Particularly when we know she had a serious head injury after passing out in 2012. Hillary is 69 next week and doesn’t exude good health, fitness or vitality, which are fairly essential components of being a modern day President. Trump’s 70 but has extraordinarily impressive energy.
11)She carries with her a dripping sense of entitlement based on her gender that is deeply irritating. Hillary may as well have two tattoos on her forehead proclaiming: ‘Born to be First Female President’ and ‘Vote for me – I’m a woman!’
12)She wouldn’t inspire me to open a cookie jar, and I normally need no encouragement to do that. Contrast her oratory style with someone like Michelle Obama – whose fire and passion has electrified this race in recent weeks. Hillary’s a dull, lifeless, robotic speaker by comparison.
13)She’s not Bill, one of the smartest, most brilliantly charismatic politicians America has ever seen. There’s a sense with Hillary that she’s riding on the coattails of her husband’s huge popularity. Would she be anywhere near winning the presidency if many Americans weren’t thinking this was a way of getting Bill back to the White House too? I don’t think so.
14)I fear that beneath the constant, smug, apple-cheeked smirk lies a fairly unpleasant piece of work. Former Secret Service agents have painted a picture of a vengeful, mistrustful, abusive, angry, sarcastic, demanding, disorganised, unpunctual boss.
15)She would push for a new cold war with Russia in an effort to prove her toughness with Vladimir Putin. You can tell this by the hateful rhetoric which spews from her mouth every time she mentions his name. This is a very worrying thing for the world.
16)Republicans hate her even more than they hate President Obama. This will be a massive issue if she wins. Obama’s woeful inability to do business with the opposition rendered him incapable of even passing a single new gun law after Sandy Hook. What hope for Hillary, with all her Washington enemy-making over the past 40 years, to achieve any meaningful deals?
17)Her baggage is horrendous. From Whitewater to Vince Foster, Hillary’s past is scandalously dubious and troublesome. Does this matter? Yes. It goes to the heart of her character. She’s dodgy, period.
18)The way she attacked Bill’s lovers in the past leaves an unedifying taste in the mouth given all her lofty moral pronouncements about the way Trump treats women. Hillary didn’t just stand by her philandering man, she trashed the women he bedded. Very unfortunate for the self-styled Emmeline Pankhurst of US politics.
19)She’s chillingly ambitious to the expense of anything else in her life. It seeps from every pore. This is a career politician who has repeatedly shown she will trample over anyone and anything that gets in her way, and who conveniently overlooks moral and ethical issues if they don’t suit her agenda or progression to power.
20) Madonna has offered to perform free oral sex for anyone who votes for Hillary. I literally cannot think of a single more compelling reason not to vote for her.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Living in the Swamp

I saw a great, great post over at USNI blog this week by CDR Salamander.  It's about military folks living in Washington DC.  You can read it here.  I spent two tours and 5 years of my life in that environment.  This post is so spot on it's scary.  It's easy to get enthralled by the power.  To think you're on the inside.'re not.  You can't be.  And the sooner you realize that, the better off you'll be.  Don't be the guy who get's sucked into this swamp.  Get in, get your job done, and get back to the fleet.  That's where the real action is!

The Home Stretch

Months of excruciating and embarrassing campaigning is almost over.  The debates are history.  It's difficult to believe that it could get nastier or that there would be more revelations that would sway voters.  I've been out of the country but have been following the last 10 days from afar.  It continues to spiral down.  It's hard to believe we've ever had a more divisive, dirty, nasty, accusatory, inflammatory or untruthful presidential campaign.  It also has exposed the destruction and abject prejudice of the media.  And that may be the biggest impact from this cycle.  Who can trust anything they say after this cycle?

I've posted many times over the months about these two characters.  They are both repugnant.  If you've been reading at all you know I could never, ever vote for Hillary.  Her lies and criminality are just too egregious.  And Trump is a buffoon.  He's a loud-mouthed jackass who in no way is qualified for the Presidency.  And I fear that voting for Johnson is a vote for Hillary.  So what to do?  Luckily, I happened to read Dr Krouthammer's column today and he provided the answer.  I'm going to follow his lead.  You can read it here.

Friday Funnies

A little bathroom humor this week.


Man...look at the size of that ring!!!

Cool Pics!

Dogs Are Cool!

Natural Pools?

It's difficult to tell, but I think these are man made.  The construction looks too symetrical!

A Look To Kill!

Work Shoes?

The Lightbulb Comes On

At some point in every boy's life, he starts to pay attention to different things.  

Cool Pic

Vacation in October

Since retirement, we've had a chance to take a few trips during the non-busy (i.e. Summer) time of the year.  And it is pretty nice.  We just returned from 10 days in the U.K.  Spent 5 days at a cool little resort in the Lake District.  Lots of long walks on quiet little lanes through charming villages.  Lots of sheep!  Great views and great meals.  Spent a couple days on a side trip to see friends that we had met on our China trip earlier this year who live in Glasgow.  That was a whirlwind 24 hours!  I swooned over visiting Royal Troon Golf Course and Trump Turnberry.  So much history.

We then spent 5 days in London.  We've been to the city many times but never fail to really enjoy it.  We stayed in an incredibly charming little boutique hotel, the Chesterfield Mayfair.  Not cheap, but what the hell.  You only go around once.  It is a beautiful city with plentiful parks, abundant shopping, impressive museums, and vibrant nightlife.  It is a very walkable city so we were very active.  We did the hop on/hop off bus which we find to be very useful in any city we visit.  We of course went to Harrod's.  We spent hours and hours strolling through all of their beautiful parks.  A visit to the Churchill War Room Bunkers was a hightlight for me.  The British Museum is astonishing in the quantity and quality of antiquities.  It really was mind-boggling.  We went to see "The Book of Mormon" at the Prince of Wales Theater.  It was enjoyable but I was a bit taken aback at the profanity.  Maybe I'm just getting to be too much of an old guy!  And having lived amongst the Mormons for two years while in college, it really was pretty offensive.  Don't get me wrong, I get that it was a bit of a farce, but still...if you were Mormon you'd probably not want to see it.  We happened to be there when they had a celebration of the British Olympians in Trafalgar Square.  So we got to see both the Olympians and pay homage to Lord Nelson.  Great!  And we had some great meals!!!  French, Turkish, Thai and Indian.  All top shelf.

So not that we needed it, we had a vacation.  It's good to be home and back in the swing of things.  But it was fun to get away!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump 10/8/2016

I included the date above because of how much and how fast things are changing.  Unless you're living under a rock, you know about Trump's gross comments about women to Billy Bush and a bunch of male cronies 10 years ago.  It was pretty disgusting.  However, and not to excuse it, but we've all heard that kind of talk before.  I could name dozens of times and places where it occurs.  Doesn't make it right, it just is.  But what you might not know is the latest in the email revelations that came out of the document dump about Hillary's crimes.  You might not know because the media is barely covering it.  It's just more of the same and pretty damning.  It's clear that she lies about almost everything.

So what to do?  These two candidates are fatally flawed.  There have been calls on both sides for them to step down.  But that clearly isn't going to happen.  At least I don't see it.  And the third party option is just a wasted vote.  For me at least, while the rhetoric and actions of Trump has been pretty bad, I've got to believe that he can and has changed.  He said a lot of these things a long time ago.  But I don't see a smidgen of evidence that Hillary has changed.  In fact, she's getting worse.  There is no way, none, that I could vote for her.  Trump makes it difficult, but he's a better alternative.  If much more happens though, I'll be sitting this one out.  And that would be a first.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Friday Funnies

Given the election season...this seems appropriate!  And I might even vote for him!

I Wanna Go!

Do They Want You to Guess?


We're heading for a little 10 day get-a-way in the UK next week.  I'll check and see if this is true.

Update:  Having spent 10 days in the U.K. it's a bit of both!!  But I think more the former than the latter.  But then again...I'm an American.

Who Ya Gonna Call?


Melody is Not Happy!

Cool Pic


VP Debate

I think this about sums it up!


Yeah...that's a dust cloud.  A really, really bad dust cloud!

Cool Pic

The Obama Legacy

Charles Krauthamer, as usual, is spot on in his analysis of the disasterous Obama legacy.  Short and to the point.  Check this out:

Barack Obama’s stillborn legacy: At home and abroad, the President's agenda is in tatters

Only amid the most bizarre, most tawdry, most addictive election campaign in memory could the real story of 2016 be so effectively obliterated, namely, that with just four months left in the Obama presidency, its two central pillars are collapsing before our eyes: domestically, its radical reform of American health care, aka Obamacare; and abroad, its radical reorientation of American foreign policy — disengagement marked by diplomacy and multilateralism.


On Monday, Bill Clinton called it “the craziest thing in the world.” And he was only talking about one crazy aspect of it — the impact on the consumer. Clinton pointed out that small business and hardworking employees (“out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week”) are “getting whacked . . . their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.”

This, as the program’s entire economic foundation is crumbling. More than half its nonprofit “co-ops” have gone bankrupt. Major health insurers like Aetna and UnitedHealthcare, having lost millions of dollars, are withdrawing from the exchanges. In one-third of the U.S., exchanges will have only one insurance provider.

Premiums and deductibles are exploding. Even The New York Times blares “Ailing Obama Health Care Act May Have to Change to Survive.”

Young people, refusing to pay disproportionately to subsidize older and sicker patients, are not signing up. As the risk pool becomes increasingly unbalanced, the death spiral accelerates. And the only way to save the system is with massive infusions of tax money.

What to do? The Democrats will eventually push to junk Obamacare for a full-fledged, government-run, single-payer system. Republicans will seek to junk it for a more market-based pre-Obamacare-like alternative. Either way, the singular domestic achievement of this presidency dies.

The Obama Doctrine

The President’s vision was to move away from a world where stability and “the success of liberty” (JFK, inaugural address) were anchored by American power and move toward a world ruled by universal norms, mutual obligation, international law and multilateral institutions. No more cowboy adventures, no more unilateralism, no more Guantanamo. We would ascend to the higher moral plane of diplomacy. Clean hands, clear conscience, “smart power.”

This blessed vision has just died a terrible death in Aleppo. Its unraveling was predicted and predictable, though it took fully two terms to unfold. This policy of pristine — and preening — disengagement from the grubby imperatives of realpolitik yielded Crimea, the South China Sea, the rise of the Islamic State, the return of Iran. And now the horror and the shame of Aleppo.

After endless concessions to Russian demands meant to protect and preserve the genocidal regime of Bashar Assad, last month we finally capitulated to a deal in which we essentially joined Russia in that objective. But such is Vladimir Putin’s contempt for our President that he wouldn’t stop there.

He blatantly violated his own cease-fire with an air campaign of such spectacular savagery — targeting hospitals, water pumping stations and a humanitarian aid convoy — that even Barack Obama and John Kerry could no longer deny that Putin is seeking not compromise but conquest. And is prepared to kill everyone in rebel-held Aleppo to achieve it. Obama, left with no options — and astonishingly, having prepared none — looks on.

At the outset of the war, we could have bombed Assad’s airfields and destroyed his aircraft, eliminating the regime’s major strategic advantage — control of the air.

Five years later, we can’t. Russia is there. Putin has just installed S-300 antiaircraft missiles near Tartus. Yet, none of the rebels have any air assets. This is a warning and deterrent to the only power that could do something — the United States.

Obama did nothing before. He will surely do nothing now. For Americans, the shame is palpable. Russia’s annexation of Crimea may be an abstraction, but that stunned injured little boy in Aleppo is not.

“What is Aleppo?” famously asked Gary Johnson. Answer: The burial ground of the Obama fantasy of benign disengagement.

What’s left of the Obama legacy? Even Democrats are running away from Obamacare. And who will defend his foreign policy of lofty speech and cynical abdication?

In 2014, Obama said, “Make no mistake: (My) policies are on the ballot.” Democrats were crushed in that midterm election.

This time around, Obama says, “My legacy’s on the ballot.” If the 2016 campaign hadn’t turned into a referendum on character — a battle fully personalized and ad hominem — the collapse of the Obama legacy would indeed be right now on the ballot. And his party would be 20 points behind.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Blatant Bias

It is getting worse and worse.  Every day brings a new low in the media.  I guess I shouldn't lump them all together, but they all do it.  I've been trying really hard to look at various reports to see if it's just on one or two outlets.  But's everywhere.

A really good example was the NBC Evening News tonight.  They had three stories about the Presidential contenders.  I'll summarize for you.

  1. A huge bombshell was dropped today when someone stole Trump's tax return from 1995 and the NYT published it.  Seems he lost almost $1 Billion on that return.  That allowed him, under the rules, to spread the loss over several years so he didn't owe any taxes.  So the story was that he didn't pay taxes, period.  Now I'm not a real estate tycoon, but even I know that these high rollers are constantly hedging money, moving it around, speculating, experiencing wins and losses, etc.  It's not surprising that he lost a ton of money in one year.  And it's not surprising, as a good businessman, that he uses the tax laws to his advantage.  But none of that was present in the story.  It was really all about him not paying taxes.  
  2. In a townhall with Vets today he was discussing benefits.  He was asked about PTSD and made a comment that some coming back aren't as strong as others.  I didn't hear the whole thing, but those there said it was a made up story.  NBC clearly made it sound like he was disparaging vets with PTSD.  In no sense was this truthful.  
  3. The third story was about Clinton.  I was expecting some mention of the fact that her two lawyers were given immunity and that as part of the deal the FBI agreed to destroy their computers.  I was maybe even expecting something about the disaster that is Syria and her part in that.  Or maybe Bill out in Michigan today saying that Obamacare is a disaster.  But no.  It was a love fest.  It was all about her response to the Trump tax "bombshell".  It was really just showing her in her campaign mode with her supporters.  And the camera angle let it slip a bit that the crowd just wasn't that big.  
So that is one little snapshot of the treatment that the media has regarding our Presidential campaigns this year.  The pretense of impartiality is gone.  They are blatant...blatant in their support of the lying criminal.  

Stand by for tomorrow.   Assange and Wikileaks says something is coming.  I'm sure it will be damning (again).  I'm equally sure that the media will spin it as no big deal, nothing to see her folks, move along...