Sunday, August 30, 2015

Motivation Monday

Christians in the Middle East

The story has been unfolding for months.  The unspeakable atrocities committed by ISIS against Christians in Iraq is almost beyond our comprehension.  Saw a story this morning about a small organization called World Help who are trying to help.  You can see it here.  You can find out more about them at  I've checked them out as a charity and you could do a lot worse than give some of your charitable contributions to them. 
I also put it up on FB just so maybe a few more people could see just how bad it is.  And it strikes me that we went to heroic lengths to save Berlin from the oppression of the Communists but Christians are slaughtered in the Middle East and we look the other way.  I think the people in charge who are sitting back and letting this happen should be ashamed.  I know as an American I just can't believe that we are doing nothing.  Someday these ISIS assholes will get their comeuppance, but it won't be while the current crowd is in charge.  

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Great piece in NYT by Frank Bruni about John Kasich and him as a threat to Hillary.  I like almost everything Bruni writes.  You can read it here.  There's still a long way to go and there will be ups and downs.  But John is doing well.  I also like and agree with his idea that Rubio would be a great VP candidate.  And so would Carly.  So many good options.  Now if we can just get through the Trump craziness, then maybe we can get to a real race.


If you've been reading you know that my guy in the Presidential race (even though it's early) is John Kasich.  But every time I see Carly Florina I'm really impressed.  She is smart, on point, fearless, and her ideas are logical.  Here's a good example:

I like her a lot!!!

ze and xe in Tennessee

More craziness at a university.  Seems that the University of Tennessee is moving to eliminate the terms he and she and go to more gender neutral terms of ze and xe.  You can read about it here.  This will supposedly "make the university 'welcoming and inclusive' and stop people from feeling 'marginalized'.  What bullshit!  It seems like every week there is another article about one of our universities going off the rails.  This is just the latest absurdity.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


We're 15 months until the general election and Hillary has now sunk to a new low of lows.  Did you see it?  Today she compared Republicans (who are fellow Americans) to terrorists.  Here's the CNN report:

It's pretty obvious what she is doing.  She is getting so much shit about emails, classified material, what she did and didn't do, her inner circle, etc, etc, etc that she's got to deflect the attention to something else.  So she turns to the old tried and true "war on women".  If you've been seeing and hearing the stuff being reported about Planned Parenthood, you know that there has been some pretty appalling material dredged up on them selling baby body parts.  It's pretty ugly.  Of course the usual suspects come to their defense as they "stand with planned parenthood".   Now don't get me wrong.  I've posted about this previously.  I'm not some pro-life zealot or nut.  But the crap exposed in planned parenthood would give anyone pause.  They do some good stuff, but we now know they do some bad stuff.  So some are saying let's not fund it with taxpayer money.   Well...I agree with that.  I don't want my tax money going to harvesting baby parts.  But I guess that equates to a "war on women".  Which is bullshit.  Pure and simple.  But...and this is a big but...we're all Americans and we can disagree on certain things and at the end of the day respect one another as a fellow citizen.  To compare someone who disagrees with you to a terrorist is lower than low.  She is clearly desperate and out of touch.

I'm really proud that my choice, John Kasich, posted a video on FB this afternoon and said, "No Hillary Clinton, Americans you disagree with aren't "terrorists." These are terrorists. 
We can be stronger. Together."  And this is the video he posted.  

These are the real terrorists.  And to equate Americans that you disagree with to them is despicable.  But very Hillary-like.

Friday Funnies


Dogs Are Cool

But they sometimes can be guilty!

Man Parts

This guy has to check them at the door!

I Like This

Don't know why...just do.


To Be Commended!

Not for just the weight loss but for the fortitude to stick with it.  With all the temptations in the world, most abandon their weight loss plans.  She will be healthier and happier for it!


I've got a German car.  It's made well and pretty solid.  If I'm going to be in a wreck it's the one that I'd like to be in.  A big solid, strong hunk of metal.  But I guess they've got other stuff that is pretty solid!

Dogs Are Cool!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Motivation Monday

Great Advice!

Parents today really, really, really need to hear this.  Life is not fair.  It's full of hard knocks.  The sooner kids learn that the better off they are.  Parents need to recognize that their kids need to do difficult things and sometimes fail.  It will make them much better adults!


I've heard all of these.  Timeless!


Teddy Roosevelt may be the most quoted dead President.  And this is a good one!

Cool Pic

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Friday Funnies

This Should Work

There are a couple of good ideas in here!

I Can Ski Anything

I used to say that when I was skiing.  Not this!

I've Got Your Back

This is really true.

The Dominant Story

Feel like this more and more...

Do Some Of That Pilot Shit Maverick!

Wish I would have had this photo back in the heyday of Top Gun.  It was always good fun to give the fighter guys a load of crap because they were such prima donnas after the movie came out.

Me Too!

Something To Think About

Not trying to get all holier than thou.  I'm sometimes ridiculously head down.  But being aware of your surroundings might prevent something like this.  Bottom line...look up once in a while!


Been there...done that

I Have No Idea

Dogs Are Cool

Still Miss This Guy

Whenever I get in a discussion regarding favorites and the subject turns to movies, I always gravitate back to Animal House.  Don't know why.  Think is fundamentally that if I'm channel surfing and come across this classic...I always stop and watch!



I've written a few posts on one of the issues that seems to be dominating the headlines today.  You know...race.  Racial relations.  Racial injustice.  Black Lives Matters.  If you get the idea that I've grown tired of it like many, many people, you'd be right.  One of my favorite Bloggers, CDR Salamander, has a regular feature called Diversity Thursday.  His post today is so spot on that I just have to give him a shout out and let you read it for yourself.  You can read it here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Wall

Immigration is the engine that drives the Trump machine.  You've heard all the hyperbole.  Don't need to repeat it here.  Some of it is bullshit, some of it is logical, all of it plays to the frustration of people who want solutions.  Count me among those who believe this is a big issue that needs to be addressed.  Comprehensive immigration reform (whatever that means) is a watchword for a lot of the folks running for President.  Many of us agree that we need to fix the system, but Congress doesn't seem to be able to even work it.  Too much political baggage.  Too many special interest groups.  Too many people threatening to call them names if they do anything.

I feel for the plight of ordinary, everyday people caught in the middle of this.  They are just trying to make a better life.  And for the most part they are solid, law-abiding people keeping their heads down and following the rules.  But then...but then there are the thugs.  The criminals.  The well documented element that are poison.  So how do you separate the two.  And at the end of the day...they are all illegal.  If we could formulate a way to protect to good folks and kick out the assholes, then I'd be for it.  But it won't happen until the political class starts talking to each other and exhibiting some courage.  That is why Trump is so popular.  He is is at least talking about it.  He is at least coming up with solutions.  He's a gas bag...but at least he is putting something out there.

Trump has talked about a wall.  That get's routinely discounted as unrealistic.  Too hard.  The border it too long.   The technology won't support it.  Well...there are some that think that it might work.  Check this out.

Obviously the Saudi's think this is doable.  And trust me on this.  The threat is real.  They are not dithering and wondering and arguing.  They are building.  And woe onto any ISIS assholes who venture down to the border to challenge them.  They will get smoked.

Now I'm not saying we should do this.  But it can be done.  And it should be in the equation.  Because if we don't start figuring this out, we're in deep shit.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Dogs Are Cool

Cool Pic

The Difference Between Men and Women

And this is just one example...

Smart Move

Try This At Home

Not many would.  James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers sent his son's "participation" trophies back.  Read why.  Not something you see every day.  But maybe you should!

Cool Pic

Race Relations

One of the guys I read pretty consistently is Victor Davis Hanson.  He is a professor at Stanford and a farmer out near Salinas working a farm that has been in his family for generations.  His perspective is usually pretty conservative so I don't agree with everything he writes, but he's a brilliant guy and the thing I like about him is that he is fearless in speaking what he believes is the truth.  He will call out anyone and particularly doesn't have time for the "elites".

He has written a good article this week titled "The Tragic and Complete Collapse of Racial Relations" over on PJ Media.  You can read it here. 

I've written a few things about this subject and have generally said many of the same things, albeit not as eloquently or as well documented (he probably has researchers!).  It's a subject that is on an upward trajectory in the news and rarely gets a fair shake from the media.  The media is myopic on the subject of race relations more than probably anything else.  They only tell one side.  Consistently. So when I see someone making a legitimate and logical case for some of the principles I believe in, well then you're going to see it here.  But it's sadly rare.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Of the many, many, many articles coming out on the unraveling of Hillary's campaign, I like Kimberley Strassel's in the WSJ today the best.  It's copied below in it's entirety.  The wheels are coming off folks.  Fun to watch.  Curious though that Bubba is nowhere to be found.  Wonder where he will pop up...or if he will?  I'm betting during Chelsea's run for the Senate!  That's right, you heard it here.  We will never be rid of these people.  They are like the ultimate bad penny!

The Clinton Ship Takes on Water

Aug. 13, 2015 7:09 p.m. ET

The Titanic was a beautiful ship. It was a colossus—the culmination of decades of wisdom and design. It was financed and booked by the world’s rich and famous. It was unstoppable. And because it was, it steamed full ahead. Until it sank.

Democrats are this week beginning to freak out that Hillary Clinton is their Titanic, and to debate whether they might be better off on this 2016 political crossing in a less awesome, but more prudent, boat. The debate is overdue. The Clintons are masters at projecting invincibility and lulling their passengers into blanking the danger signs. But holes in a hull have a way of focusing minds.

It’s never a good sign when your party’s putative nominee feels compelled to send out an everyone-remain-calm memo 15 full months before an election. Campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri’s reassurance to supporters was classic Clinton—the perfect combo of airy dismissal (Server? FBI? It means nothing!), misdirection (this whole “classified” thing is really “complicated”), table-turning (Republicans hide things too, you know), and attack (this is just a “partisan witch-hunt”). Still, you don’t send out 700-word explanatories unless party leaders and donors are lighting you up with panic calls.

When Mrs. Clinton handed over her private email server to the Justice Department, Democrats sniffed vulnerability and took a wider look around. What they see is polls showing more than half of America now holds an unfavorable view of their front-runner, and that a mere one-third of the country trusts her. They see surveys showing her only tied with top-tier Republicans in a general matchup—down from a 10-point advantage in May—and losing head-to-head in key battleground states.

Wonder Land Columnist Dan Henninger on Hillary Clinton’s challenges in New Hampshire, plus the Republican outsiders rising in Iowa polls. They see an insurgent wing of the Democratic electorate that is unenthused by the old Clinton machine and eager for fresh blood. Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders surged past Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire primary poll released Tuesday. His recent rally in Los Angeles drew more than 27,000 people—five times the size of any recent Clinton event. They see another part of the electorate that is fine with old blood, so long as it is any type but Clinton blood. Joe Biden—who isn’t even in the race, and who is . . . Joe Biden—is doing as well in general matchups against Republicans as is Mrs. Clinton.

They see a campaign that—if it went by any other name—might be accused of ineptitude. Mrs. Clinton is disciplined and experienced, no doubt. But her operation has stumbled along. It has been buffeted by gaffes, criticized for drifting “listening tours,” beset (as in 2008) by infighting. It was inexcusably late to the Super PAC game.

Democrats also see new weakness in their favorite themes. Here is Mrs. Clinton trying out an inequality argument, as she builds up her personal bank account. Here she is floating the “war on women” theme, as her foundation takes donations from countries that whip rape victims. Here she calls for lower college costs while charging these institutions $250,000 for a speech. Here is a candidate who was in the past for Keystone, and for trade, and for more intervention overseas. And who maybe now is not. Though they don’t really know. Which is also a problem.

And now, they see danger. The party trusted the Clintons to handle the email scandal in their usual way—to ignore it until it faded. But there’s no ignoring stories containing the words “FBI,” “criminal inquiry,” “classified” and “secret”—all in one sentence. On Tuesday, her use of private emails while serving as secretary of state turned from a political problem into a potentially legal problem. Thousands of Democrats woke Wednesday morning from nightmares of landing an “unsinkable” nominee that gets indicted.

For now, no one significant is jumping off the Clinton ship. That's mostly because the party believes it has no other ship to jump to. Martin O’Malley? Jim Webb? Heck, even Mrs. Clinton’s rivals seem convinced she’s a better bet than they are. Amid all the news this week, not one of them—not even Mr. Sanders—said boo about her ethics.

The Clintons might also trust that Barack Obama still sees her as his best bet to win and preserve his legacy. This administration, of course, exercises influence over the Justice Department (don’t forget that FBI non-probe into the IRS scandal). And so it remains a possibility the feds took Mrs. Clinton’s server as a means of safeguarding it from other prying hands—the courts, inspectors general, Congress—until this election is over. If the FBI now goes quiet, and other agencies start using the FBI probe as an excuse to stop any further action on Clinton emails, that will be the tipoff.

Then again, the Clintons have now reached the point at which all it might take is one, big first-class passenger heading for a lifeboat to inspire an exodus. It might be Mr. Obama, who could signal his view by giving the FBI free rein. Or Sen. Elizabeth Warren might see her moment. Or maybe a respected party elder who calls out the candidate. Let’s hope so. The Democratic Party deserves to steer its own future. Not just lash itself to the RMS Hillary.

What Did You Do When You Were 18?

I was just graduating from high school.  1968.  The age of flower children, make love not war, if it feels it, and all the other craziness of the age.  Looking back on them those years were for me pretty idyllic and innocent.  I was going off to a local junior college.  Didn't have the grades for a regular college or university.  Nor did I have the focus or desire to go that route.  My parents had limited education and supported me...but they didn't push me.  Junior college was essentially an extension of high school for me.  No decisions need be made.  Keep going to class, keep going to parties, keep going to the beach, keep being mystified by girls, keep having fun.  It took a few years (and a very good woman) but I finally got my act together.  And I've lived a happy and I think pretty productive life.

That preamble seems appropriate when looking at these two photos.  Society seems pretty frayed these days.  This is a good example.  Now I'm not saying everyone has to be a hero.  I certainly wasn't.  But for God's sake...try not to be a dirtbag.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This Will Turn Out Badly!


Cool Pic


Saw this over on FB.  Shared there and had to share here.

Her candidacy seems to be unraveling.  I heard a great quote but can't remember who said it:  "young voters don't like her and older voters don't trust her".  I think it's coming apart at the seams.

Let me just say this.  As a retired military officer and a guy who worked in the defense industry for 15 years, if an average Joe had done what she did, they'd be in jail.  No questions asked.  You just cannot be in possession of SI/TK material...period.  It's almost incomprehensible.  But...apparently not for Hillary.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Motivation Monday

Just back from a week in Hilton Head, SC with the family.  So this seems sorta relevant!