Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Paris Climate Accords

Okay...the dust has settled just a tiny bit from the hysteria that ensued when President Trump announced that the United States will pull out of this international agreement.  So maybe I should make a few comments.  Of course, there has been so much craziness written that most already have their mind made up and see it as either good or bad.  No in between.

First, the Accords were negotiated over a very long period (about 20 years).  It was a very tough negotiation and I imagine that in trying to get to agreement, they had to get to the lowest common denominator.  It's all about reducing carbon emissions and countries will get paid to achieve certain goals.  The U.S. will do most of the paying.  And the hope is to reduce warming some minuscule amount by the end of the century.

To me there are a few things that are apparent.

First, this isn't about climate change.  It's a pretty blatant redistribution of wealth.  This is a rob from the rich and give to the poor scheme.  This agreement will cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars and cause us to lose a ton of jobs.

Second, pulling out will have no impact on our (the U.S.) effort to reduce carbon emissions and work to increase renewable energy sources.  We're already marching down that road.  And those of you who are worried that we're going back to coal forget it.  That's yesterday's news.  Even the coal miners get that.

Third, a big objection is that we won't have a seat at the table in future climate discussions.  Without our money, there may be no table.  This objection is bogus.  We have, are and will lead in taking measures to attack this issue.

Fourth, although I believe that there is some appreciable impact man is having on the environment, it is by no means agreed by all and not even all scientists that study this issue.  When you hear that it's a settled issue, it's not.  There are still plenty of questions about this.  So it seams to me that we should continue to figure out what and how the climate is changing.  Try to get to some consensus instead of trying to ram it down people's throat.

Finally, the hysteria is stupid and misplaced.  I guess if you view yourself as more a citizen of the world than a citizen of the United States, you'd be upset.  But the only reason to be upset is that some of the worst, most despotic and grossest human rights abusers won't be getting paid by us to pretend to reduce carbon emissions.  As for me, not thanks.
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