Friday, November 18, 2016

Political Correctness

There have been a lot of things that have come from this crazy election.  One of them is the recognition that political correctness has come to dominate our culture.  By recognition I really mean that those who were supporting Trump now are starting to feel free to express things that they wouldn't have in a million years before Trump's win.  I'm not any different than many who are frustrated by this phenomenon.  I don't view myself as racist, homophobic, zenophobic, mysoginistic or any of the myriad other epithets that have been hurled at Trump supporters.  And I am sick of the industry that has grown up around defining all the wrong things people say, placing those people into the "basket of deplorables" and then stereotyping them as a certain type.  So in addition to all the other things that a Trump Presidency would bring, maybe we could regain a bit of a sense of humor.  Maybe we could lighten up a bit.  I'm sure many won't, but I like the idea.  So I've seen a few things that strike me as funny.  Not politically correct, but funny.  So here goes...

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