Saturday, November 26, 2016

Useful Idiots

Fidel Castro died today and there was cheering in the streets of Miami, where there is a huge Cuban population.  He was one the worst dictators in history who tortured his own people, kept them in the dark ages, and was responsible for over 50 years of misery for Cuba.  But there were some who didn't really see him as such a bad guy.  Check out the Prime Minister of Canada's comments.  You can find it anywhere on the net.  

So now I expect as time goes by people will forget.  They'll make excuses and romanticize his life.  Most won't fall for it, but some will.  Sort of like Che, the freedom fighter.  And oh yeah, the guy who murdered thousands of his own people.  But Fidel's crimes are pretty much out there for all to see.  So maybe not...time will tell.  But there isonly one thing for certain...tonight Fidel is burning in hell!

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