Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I've never liked Steven Colbert.  I know, I know...I'm an old guy who just doesn't get or appreciate his humor.  Bullshit.  He's an asshole.  And he proved that he is an asshole last night.  His 12 minute monologue about President Trump was over-the-top shocking in it's insensitivity, ignorance, offensiveness, and being just plain ill-mannered.  He pulled no punches and gave it to President Trump with both barrels.  Of course, like a lot of ignorant and oh-so-smug liberals, he's is just so superior.  I guess I could dispute and defend, but why bother.  Like I said, this guy is an asshole.  If you haven't seen this piece of pornography, check it out here.

After suffering through this embarrassing rant, I got to thinking about a comparison to anything I'd ever seen in my entire life regarding someone in the public eye on a major network being quite so obnoxious and insulting to our President.  I even did some searching around the net to see if I could find anything.  Of course, Obama was handled with kid gloves so there was obviously nothing there.  But after finding some data on comedians or public figures taking on the President, nothing I could find even comes close.  Not by a mile.  This diatribe was by far the most over-the-top insult imaginable.

So then I got to wondering about the responsibility of CBS to at least say something.  Defend him or muzzle him or fire him or at least acknowledge the ugliness of it.  But...crickets.  I've watched the CBS news deteriorate over the last several months and guess I'm not really surprised, but this is really, really disappointing.  That a major network would allow such a specific, insulting, ugly rant against our President is pretty bad.  Oh, I get First Amendment rights and all that (even if some of our greatest Universities do not).  Sure, anyone has the right to say these things.  But decorum, decency, and sensitivity would cause most to refrain from such low-life behavior.  Everyone but the biggest assholes among us that is.

Finally, I get that people can't get over the election.   I get that a lot of people are pissed.  But at some point they have to get over it.  At some point, we have to be able to respect each other and try to move forward.  But with breathtaking public displays of disdain and contempt against the President, I don't really know how we do that.
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