Tuesday, May 16, 2017


There's just so much that it's almost overwhelming.  I won't try and comment.  There is so much out there that you can find the perspective you believe if you try.  I'll just say this.  The reporting and reaction is beyond incompetent and hysterical.  So the WPO reports that anonymous sources say that President Trump divulged highly classified material to Russians during a meeting.  They we have the Secretary of State, the National Security Advisor, and the Deputy National Security Advisor refute and deny that it happened.  Three pretty good and credible sources.  And the media and the Dems act as if they never said a word.  It's truly beyond the pale.  And you've heard about the supposed Comey memo.  Let's see how that plays out but I'm more than confident that it's much ado about nothing.  But we'll see.  One thing is for sure, there are people in government and media who will stop at nothing to destroy President Trump.  If I were him, I'd be very tempted to fire every Obama holdover who has any sort of access.  That would be extreme and harsh and the government would be jolted, but something has to be done.
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