Monday, August 29, 2016

Race In America

You'd have to be living under a rock to not realize that race relations in America are frayed and getting worse.  It is a complex problem made worse by media hyperbole, activist entrenchment, a stagnant economy, and both truths and lies regarding police interaction in the black community.  But these issues and so many more make it difficult to even begin the dialog of reconciliation.  As Trump and Hillary trade racist accusations, the problems only intensify.  This problem not only doesn't serve our citizens, it could become a dangerous catalyst for some significant fraying of the fabric of society.  And some would say we're already there.

I came across what I think is a pretty good overview of what is going on thought I'd share.  As with any point of view, it's not perfect.  But it is good food for thought and potentially offers the reader an opportunity a chance to stop, consider, and think through our problems before automatically assuming the worst of their fellow citizens.  The article is titled, "Why Race Relations Got Worse" by J. D. Vance.  It's in National Review but don't let that deter you.  I know NR usually has a very conservative voice but this seems to me to be a really good and thoughtful analysis.  At least I thought so upon reading it.  I'd love to hear opinions, both for and against.  Somehow we've got to create and sustain a dialog beyond what our so-called leaders are offering.  You can read it here.
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