Wednesday, August 17, 2016


So it is apparent by now that the media is virulently anti-Trump.  And it's not just a few people, but a broad coalition of reporters, pundits, writers and editors who are doing all they can to deny Trump the Presidency and allow for the coronation of their hero, Hillary Clinton.  The fact that she is corrupt, a criminal, bought and paid for by slimy guys like George Soros, is in the back pocket of Wall Street and will continue the disastrous policies of the Obama regime seems to make no difference to them.  It's pretty distressing.

In this environment, how can the truth get out?  Well, it will be difficult.  But one way is through grass roots.  If you've been reading, you know I've done my part in trying to bring to light Hillary's crimes over the last several months.  But now she is the nominee.  So I think one thing I can do is at least try and bring what he is saying to this blog so maybe, just maybe a few folks will read it or watch it and start to wonder.  Start to question the establishment.  Start to question whether or not the system really is rigged.  And maybe, just maybe, the word will spread wider.  Because a coronation for a corrupt and cynical criminal to the highest office in the land is not acceptable.

This was his speech on law and order last night in Wisconsin.  You won't see it in any of the national media.  Or if you do see it they will provide negative spin or cut snippets out of context to make you think he's terrible.  I realize most will pass they by.  But if you have a few minutes, watch and listen.  What he is saying makes huge sense.  Huge.

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