Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Freaking Out

After the Nov 8 election there were a lot of people who just freaked out.  They actually thought that our world was coming to an end.  You remember all the protests by the know-nothings about the election that lasted maybe a couple of weeks.  And then the establishment got involved and they tried a recount with full support of Ma Clinton and the Dems.  And then they decided to make the Russians the reason and claimed that Trump has something to do with that.  Of course, all the damning info in the hacked emails was true, but they sorta glossed over that.  When that didn't work and Trump actually did better after the recounts, they turned to celebrities and the media to hype a campaign to get the Electors to change their votes, which was never going to happen.  So it's been one losing proposition after another.  I figured that they must be getting tired of all this bullshit.  I naively figured that they would eventually accept the election and rally behind our new President.  After all, that's what a lot of did in 2008 when Obama won.  He wasn't my guy, but he was my President.  But I've been visiting some of the liberal media sites, blogs and websites and it isn't letting up.  I know that I at this from a particular perspective, but the hate and vitriol is pretty shocking.  And this from the folks who rail against any kind of name calling.  But I've got some news for them.  Some bad news.  It's not going to change.  Trump will be President.  The Republicans control both houses of Congress.  Under Obama the Dems have lost more power than literally anytime in history.  So get used to it.  Or don't.  Just keep hating.  Let me know how that works out for you.

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