Wednesday, December 28, 2016

With Friends Like the United States...

...the argument could be made that you don't need enemies.  So this is what it has come to.  For the longest time I just thought Obama, Kerry, and the sycophants that surround them were just bunglers, unlucky, and really not very visionary.  Well, shame on me.  They knew what they were doing all along.  It wasn't that they made a mess of so much of our national security strategy (what there is of it) but that they must have done it deliberately.  How else do you explain the unbelievable actions over the last several days to stab one of our oldest allies, Israel, in the back.

If you haven't heard about this you've got to be living under a rock.  Last week a resolution was going to be brought to the U.N Security Council condemning Isareli settlements in the West Bank.  This is something that the U.S. should not allow.  No way.  We have to have their backs.  So what did we do?  We abstained.  We didn't even have the courage of our convictions.  Shameful.  And then Netanyahu found out that we were really behind it all the time but in a cowardly fashion denied it.  And then today that moron Kerry gives a 70 minute speech lecturing Israel on the two state solution.  So now we are stuck.  We can't go back on our policy so that between now and Jan 20th, if there are other demands we will have to be consistent.  That the Obama administration took this stand is beyond comprehension.  That they did it with less than a month to go to innaugeration day is mind-boggling.  And that they did it at the U.N. and thus giving that corrupt institution some hand in Israeli-Palistinian negotiations is naive in the extreme.  

It seems obvious to me that the Palistinians could have peace if they wanted it.  But they don't want it.  They embrace Hamas.  They embrace Fatah.  They are internally fractured.  The refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist.  They continually engage in random rocket attacks against Israel.  It would be like Mexico launching random rockets into San Diego from Tijuana every night.  We wouldn't stand for one, let alone night after night.  Israel has practically begged them to come to the table.  But their leaders refuse.  And now we stab Israel in the back.  

Here's a good thing to think about if you know nothing else.  If the Palistinians laid down their weapons, stopped the bombardment, rejected terror, and came to the table to seek a reasonable solution, what would happen?  They would get peace, that's what.  If the Israelis laid down their weapons, opened the borders, destroyed the settlements, and came to the table to seek peace, what would would happen.  I think we all know that it would be a bloodbath.  

I'm confident that this will not stand.  But it really show's Obama's cards.  He is not only ignorant, he is dangerous.

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