Saturday, December 31, 2016

You Say You Want a Resolution V

It's really hard for me to realize that I've been plunking away on this little blog for 5 years.  Yikes!  But they say time flies when you're having fun.  And it has been a bit of fun.  Not sure how many are reading but the stats say there are a few of you out there, so like most other things in my life, as long as it continues to be fun, I'll continue to do it.  

I've got a few fun little weekly features, but only one annual feature.  I try and put a list of resolutions down this time of year and see how it goes.  You can see 2012 here, 2013 here, 2014 here, 2015 here.  If you take the time to look at them, you'll a few successes and some failures.  But it's not bad to think about these things.  And like the meme says, it's not going to change my life or enhance world peace.  So here goes.

But first let's take a look at resolutions for 2016 and how I did:

Focus--I fully admit to sometimes spreading myself too thin and getting involved in a multitude of activities.  But sometimes I just can't help it.  There's a lot of stuff to do!  But in 2016 I'm going to really try and focus.  I'm going to say no to some things.  I'm going to pick and choose what I do and don't do.  I really need to pay more attention to some things and less to others.  Not naming anything, but I know what those things are.  I'd say this was a moderate success.  I did try and not take anything new on, but it was difficult to sluff off some things.  Early in 2017 that will change as I will lose one of my big responsibilities.
Weight and Exercise--This seems perpetual.  I've done a pretty good job but need to continue.  Losing weight and exercising go hand in hand.  And they are both good for you.  So why don't I devote all my attention to it?  You got it...human nature.  It's a never ending battle but I'll keep at it.  Meh!  Some good, some bad.  Need to continue.  But with every passing year it gets more difficult.
Get back on the bike--This is a subset of above.  I've backed off the bike because of a few terrible accidents that hit close to home.  But I really miss it.  So I've got to get back out there.  Hope to do that soon.  Right after the New Year last year there were a couple of fatal bike accidents close to home.  That made this one diffiult on the home front.  But I'm slowly getting out.  I try and pick very safe and deliberate routes.  So I hope it will increase.
Hobby--I describe a lot of the things I do on this blog and so you're probably saying what the hell is he talking about?  I admit that I love a lot of things and have a lot of fun doing them but I'd really like to devote some time to something unique.  Something fun and maybe a bit productive.   And this might help with the focus.  I've thought of getting a boat but don't really want that. Seems like it could be a money pit.  And the West coast isn't really conducive to the kind of boating I'd want to do.   I've thought of collecting something, but don't really think I have the personality for that.  Can't see me sitting around watching my model trains cruise in circles.  Or collecting stamps.  Or baseball cards.  Or...whatever.  We already have determined our travel schedule and are pretty happy with that.  I do play golf but that isn't really what I'm talking about.  So I happened on something that I think would be fun.  Back in the 1970s I owned a Triumph TR-6 British sports car.  It had it's problems but it was the coolest car I've ever owned.  Loved it.  And I'm a SoCal guy so you know I love cars!  But like I said it had it's problems.  And I was a young guy with a young family in the midst of my career without any discretionary money.  So I got rid of it.  But it holds fond memories for me. So I'm thinking it would be really fun to get a fully restored TR-6 and be able to cruise around in it.  Not sure it will happen, but it's something I'd like to do.  Abject failure.  Didn't do it.  The wise one in my life nixed it.  And after some thought can't say as I blame her.  So I'm still pondering.
Guitar--Okay.  Here we go again.  Taking lessons on line definitely isn't the way to go for me.  So I need to find an instructor.  After the holiday hubbub settles down, I'll look for one.  If anyone knows a good instructor in the San Diego area, let me know.  Abject failure.  I still need an instructor.  Life seems to keep getting in the way.  Still on my list.
Pay more attention to the blog--I get lazy.  I sometimes just throw up a photo.  Need to stop doing that. I'll make every attempt to pay more attention and devote more time to the blog.  It is good for my mind and fair to anyone reading.  Hopefully, you'll see improvement.  Think I've done better.  The crazy election helped because there was so much material.  But that's not for me to judge.  If you think so, then good.
Declutter and unsubscribe--I have proclaimed this resolution previously but it bears repeating.  It is amazing to me how much crap I collect, both in the computer and in my physical space.  I (we?) seriously need to declutter.  And part of the declutter venture is taking all my old photographs and scanning them in to a computer file.  I've had that on my to do list for a long time.  I hope that in 2016 I can finally get started on that.  Is this just human nature or what?  I've done this to some extent but not nearly to what I had hoped.  So I still need to work on this.

So for 2017 it seems like I have a few holdovers and one new one:
  1. Weight and exercise:  Perpetual resolution.  Gotta keep poking away at it.
  2. Get back on the bike:  This will happen.  No excuses.  And with getting rid of some other things, think I'll have more time for it.  Key is moderation.
  3. Guitar:  If anyone in the San Diego area knows a guitar instructor shoot me a note.  
  4. Rotary:  I've been elected as President of my club to start in July.  I really like Rotary and am honored that the club has seen fit to elect me President.  I'm going to put a lot of my energy into doing the best job possible.  We have a great club and I'd like to do my part to make it better.  
And that's it.  I tend to get ambitious and declare too many.  So I'll focus on those.  Check back next year to see how it went.

Update:  I forgot one!  And it's an important one.  

  1. This is really number 5.  I need to reduce my participation in social media.  It's sort of addictive.  So on FB, Twitter and the like I'm going to try and just be an observer.  I'll reduce my presence and I hope thereby reduce my participation.  We'll see how it goes.  And it might result in paying more attention to the blog.  Who knows?  
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