Sunday, January 8, 2017


Now that the report is out, the hearings have been held, the hand-wringers have had their say, and Trump has acknowledged the briefing, I guess I should make a comment.  But it's not going to be much.  Becuase there isn't much there.

First, everyone hacks everyone.  This could have been Russians.  Probably was.  But it could have been any number of countries.  Or it could have been someone else entirely.  But let's just say it was the Russians so we can all move on.

Second, we've done the same thing.  Do I have proof?  No.  But do I know.  Yes.  Like I said, everyone hacks everyone.  Everyone is trying to influence internal politics in other states and gain an advantage.

Third, while the hacking is disturbing, no one seems to be talking about the material that they hacked.  Whoever did this, they exposed illegality, corruption, and stupidity in the Democratic National Committee.  But I guess that's not important.  Nothing to see here, move along.

Fourth, going back to number one, there is a long litany of other countries hacking us in various ways.  Why has there been nothing done until just before the innaugeration.  Hmmmm.  Like everything else, Obama is proving to be the most nefariously political President ever.  The truth is that he didn't and doesn't give a shit if someone hacks us, whatever the system might be.  But if it results in a devastating blow to his legacy, well then roll out the big guns.

Fifth, I hope this little episode will at least allow Trump to focus some amount of effort at Cybersecurity.  Becuase that is the biggest threat we face.  We better get our shit together in this area or we're in for much worse than hacking some political shenanigans.

Sixth, and this one is probably the most important going forward.  Since the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, we have had no strategy to deal with the approximately 200-400 million Islamic Jihadist Terrorists who want to kill us.  None.  It's all been reactionary.  Especially in the last 8 years we've been in retreat.  So we have to create a new world order.  We have to look for new alliances and new ways of doing things.  And that will include almost every relationship we have in the world.  So it will include the Russians.  Don't get me wrong.  I fought those bastards for 25 years.  I don't trust them.  But I respect them.  And I certainly wouldn't object to somehow, someway developing a mutual relationship that will try and deal with these ISIS assholes.  Because if we don't, my grandchildren's children will still be fighting.

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