Saturday, January 21, 2017

Maybe We Should Start Fresh

President Trump.  Wow.  How many thought we'd be saying that today when he walked down the elevator in Trump Tower to declare for the Presidency?  At every turn, with everything he did, with many of his hyperbolic statements, he has been underestimated all the way.  And I think there are still so many who don't really understand him or his supporters.  That much is clear.  They judge his words and actions by accepted norms.  Except, he is so outside normal!  He's got his message and his supporters.  He's also got his detractors.  That would be true with anyone who gets voted in as President.  But it seems to me that there are many on the other side who have resorted to an almost hysterical opposition.  They call him every name in the book.  And I will stipulate that he has made some mistakes, uttered some offensive comments, and made some rediculous proposals.  However, he has also evolved.  But some cannot forget or forgive.  Okay.  I get that if that's how they want to be.  But how then do we move forward productively/

We all remember this.  There was outrage.  But a couple things are relevant.  First, it was 11 years ago.  Second, it was a big shot trying to act cool with a hip, young member of the media who forgot he was wearing a mic.  Third, I agree with him that it was locker room banter.  I don't know any man (and probably a lot of women) who hasn't done the same thing.  Hell, if they recorded some of the stuff I've said in my life I'd be on the eternal shit list.

So with the stipulation above, I pretty strongly believe he is now our President and he deserves a chance to perform.  But then we see this today.

As she says...a Nasty Woman.  Watch it all.  Is that the theme of the women's march?  Are they all that angry?  But women can march all they want if that makes them feel good.  I don't really get it, but knock yourself out.

And then I seen an article about a Tweet from a SNL writer saying that Barron Trump (a 10-year-old) will be "the nations first home schooled killer".  Nice huh?  You can read it here.  I always thought the kids were off limits.  Especially the little kids.  But once again, haters gotta hate.

So it just seems to me that there is a whole bunch of meaness being spewed out as a result of Trump winning the Presidency.  I guess the haters can continue if they want.  I guess they can be bitter and cynical.  Or they could figure out why they lost so many of the American people.  They could figure out why the Obama Presidency was such a disaster for them and why they have lost so much.  And then maybe they could figure out how to modify their message to start winning again.  But that isn't going to happen if this continues.
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