Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Immigration Ban

Reuters tonight reported on news that President Trump will sign an executive order tomorrow regarding immigration.
"President Donald Trump is expected to sign executive orders starting on Wednesday that include a temporary ban on most refugees and a suspension of visas for citizens of Syria and six other Middle Eastern and African countries, according to several congressional aides and immigration experts briefed on the matter.
Trump, who tweeted on Tuesday night that a "big day" was planned on national security on Wednesday, is expected to order a multi-month ban on allowing refugees into the United States except for religious minorities escaping persecution, until more aggressive vetting is in place.
Another order will block visas being issued to anyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, said the aides and experts, who asked not to be identified"
There will be outrage, gnashing of teeth, whining and claims that it is un-American.  Of course, it's also specifically in line with his campaign promise and perfectly legal.  This is not against all Muslims.  It's against radical Islamic Jihadists who want to kill each and every one of us.  I strongly agree with President George W. Bush's statement on September 20, 2001.
"I also want to speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world. We respect your faith. It's practiced freely by many millions of Americans and by millions more in countries that America counts as friends. Its teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah. The terrorists are traitors to their own faith, trying, in effect, to hijack Islam itself. The enemy of America is not our many Muslim friends. It is not our many Arab friends. Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them."
I think the temporary nature of the ban is a good thing.  Take some action, figure out if it makes an impact, modify.  I also think the exception for religious minorities escaping persecution is also appropriate.  Hopefully, this will give ICE some breathing room to get their shit together regarding vetting.  And there can be no debate that the countries named are some bad, bad places.  They are hot beds of terrorism and produce people and train people who hate us.  But whatever, he's taking action.

So now, unlike his predecessor, he has named our enemy.  He has taken action to restrict our enemy from the most dangerous countries in the world from entering the country until we can get our shit together.  All the while I image, once leadership is in place, he will receive action options from State, Defense, and CIA regarding what specific steps can be implemented to destroy this enemy.  It won't be easy.  It won't be short.  But it must be done.
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