Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Home Stretch

Months of excruciating and embarrassing campaigning is almost over.  The debates are history.  It's difficult to believe that it could get nastier or that there would be more revelations that would sway voters.  I've been out of the country but have been following the last 10 days from afar.  It continues to spiral down.  It's hard to believe we've ever had a more divisive, dirty, nasty, accusatory, inflammatory or untruthful presidential campaign.  It also has exposed the destruction and abject prejudice of the media.  And that may be the biggest impact from this cycle.  Who can trust anything they say after this cycle?

I've posted many times over the months about these two characters.  They are both repugnant.  If you've been reading at all you know I could never, ever vote for Hillary.  Her lies and criminality are just too egregious.  And Trump is a buffoon.  He's a loud-mouthed jackass who in no way is qualified for the Presidency.  And I fear that voting for Johnson is a vote for Hillary.  So what to do?  Luckily, I happened to read Dr Krouthammer's column today and he provided the answer.  I'm going to follow his lead.  You can read it here.
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