Friday, October 28, 2016


I just can't stop posting about this idiot.  She is just so contemptable.  I'm sure you heard this morning that the FBI is reopening the investigation into her criminality.  Of course, I'm not very optimistic that they will bring charges, but you never know.

But this post is about her reaction to Trump's comment that the election is rigged, unfair and he might not accept the results.  This causes her to be horrified.  Horrified.  But what does she think he's going to do...storm the capital with a bunch of Tea Partiers?  This is classic Clinton hyperbole designed to deflect from her shenanigans and get the useful idiots in the electorate to believe her.  Here's her comments:

Man...she is just so obnoxious.  So untruthful.  So smarmy!  She wildly and ignorantly overstates her case to get the morons who believe her to fall in line.  It's difficult to think of a comparison to her tactics, but this might be close:

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