Monday, October 3, 2016

Blatant Bias

It is getting worse and worse.  Every day brings a new low in the media.  I guess I shouldn't lump them all together, but they all do it.  I've been trying really hard to look at various reports to see if it's just on one or two outlets.  But's everywhere.

A really good example was the NBC Evening News tonight.  They had three stories about the Presidential contenders.  I'll summarize for you.

  1. A huge bombshell was dropped today when someone stole Trump's tax return from 1995 and the NYT published it.  Seems he lost almost $1 Billion on that return.  That allowed him, under the rules, to spread the loss over several years so he didn't owe any taxes.  So the story was that he didn't pay taxes, period.  Now I'm not a real estate tycoon, but even I know that these high rollers are constantly hedging money, moving it around, speculating, experiencing wins and losses, etc.  It's not surprising that he lost a ton of money in one year.  And it's not surprising, as a good businessman, that he uses the tax laws to his advantage.  But none of that was present in the story.  It was really all about him not paying taxes.  
  2. In a townhall with Vets today he was discussing benefits.  He was asked about PTSD and made a comment that some coming back aren't as strong as others.  I didn't hear the whole thing, but those there said it was a made up story.  NBC clearly made it sound like he was disparaging vets with PTSD.  In no sense was this truthful.  
  3. The third story was about Clinton.  I was expecting some mention of the fact that her two lawyers were given immunity and that as part of the deal the FBI agreed to destroy their computers.  I was maybe even expecting something about the disaster that is Syria and her part in that.  Or maybe Bill out in Michigan today saying that Obamacare is a disaster.  But no.  It was a love fest.  It was all about her response to the Trump tax "bombshell".  It was really just showing her in her campaign mode with her supporters.  And the camera angle let it slip a bit that the crowd just wasn't that big.  
So that is one little snapshot of the treatment that the media has regarding our Presidential campaigns this year.  The pretense of impartiality is gone.  They are blatant...blatant in their support of the lying criminal.  

Stand by for tomorrow.   Assange and Wikileaks says something is coming.  I'm sure it will be damning (again).  I'm equally sure that the media will spin it as no big deal, nothing to see her folks, move along...

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