Saturday, October 22, 2016

Peggy Noonan

I love her writing and thinking.  Love it!  She is just so good.  I admit that one of the things I look forward to every week is her "Declarations" column in the WSJ.  It is always thought-provoking and intelligent.  Her column this week is titled "Imagine a Sane Donald Trump".  You can read it here.  The column is good but the first couple paragraphs are great!  It sums up exactly where I am.  Here it is:
Look, he’s a nut and you know he’s a nut. I go to battleground states and talk to anyone, everyone. They all know Donald Trump’s a nut. Some will vote for him anyway. Many are in madman-versus-criminal mode, living with (or making) their final decision. They got the blues. Everyone does. They’re worried about the whole edifice: If this is where we are, where are we going?
I get the Reagan fantasy—big guy with a nonstandard résumé comes in from the outside, cleans out the stables, saves the day. But it’s a fantasy and does not apply to this moment. I get the Jacksonian fantasy—crude, rude populist comes in from the hinterlands and upends a decadent establishment to the huzzahs of normal people with mud on their boots. But it’s a fantasy, and doesn’t apply.
Because he’s not a grizzled general who bears on his face the scars of a British sword, and not a shining citizen-patriot. He’s a screwball. Do you need examples? You do not, because you’re already thinking of them. For a year you’ve been observing the TV funhouse that is his brain.
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