Monday, October 31, 2016


Just when I thought that there was no way it could get more bizarre, more crazy, more does all those things.  Of course I'm talking about the latest revelations of reopened FBI investigation into Hillary's emails, the sordid mess with Huma and AW, the cheating by Donna Brazille, the 180 degree about face by the whole Democrat establishment regarding Director Comey, and on and on.  I feel like we're in an alternate universe.  And where we're going, no one knows.  I do think that Trump now has a glimmer of a chance.  I just got through reading an account of the Reagan/Carter contest in 1980.  This looks a lot like that, although much more slimy.  In the end, the electorate broke for Reagan because they wanted an outsider.  Who could happen again.

I've also been thinking that if she does win, there is no way I can support her.  I know, I know...big whoop.  But if a guy like me can't support her in any fashion, think of all the zealots.  They will be on her ass like white on rice for four long years.  It will never end.

I was also listening to some numb nuts talk about how this whole thing is overblown and it's only about misjudgment about some emails.  That makes my head explode.  Even if all the things everyone who is a thinking person and has any experience knows to be true can't be proven, there is no way in hell that she should continue to have a security clearance.  That is the minimum.  I would be in favor of a full blown trial and appropriate punishment.

And here's another thing.  The Clinton Foundation.  That money laundering, despicable group should be investigated six ways from Sunday and at a minimum shut down.  But it won't happen.  And that's because they are all in bed together.  It's really mind-boggling.

So what's next.  Don't know, but nothing would surprise me.

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